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Tip of the Week - weekly Tips and Tricks

IMPACT Aug 5, 2021

We have started doing weekly tips and tricks on how to use our precast software IMPACT to its full potential. This is a new format started in the summer of 2021, and we will be adding new videos weekly here in the post, so you are up to date.

#1: 3D views on your automatic Reinforcement Groups

#2: Planning Dates from the Model Viewer

#3: Edit Multiple Stirrups - Palette

#4: 3D Crane Capacity Planning

#5: Stack Report – Visual A-Rack

#6: Copy whole buildings in Project Manager

Copy your precast buildings directly from the Project Manager with this feature. - Perfect for projects with multiple identical buildings.

#7 - Circular openings with endcaps

#8 - Finding the Master Instance in IMPACT for Revit

#9 - Copy Endcaps (edge details and more) from element to element

#10 - Find components and easily isolate elements for efficient planning

IMPACT Tip of the week #11 - Using gridlines in IMPACT CAD

IMPACT Tip of the week #12 - Automatically reorganize RC tags in IMPACT for Revit

IMPACT Tip of the week #13 - Customizing your user layout in Project Manager

IMPACT Tip of the week #14 - Additional Items - Transport

Nikolaj Stephansen

Head of Sales - Precast at StruSoft AB

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