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How to improve Document Management in your Precast Projects?

Feb 22, 2021

Demands for shorter design times; incorporating unforeseen changes and working on multiple design platforms places huge demands on Structural Engineers and Draftsman involved with Precast Concrete Projects where the flow of information; keeping track of versions/revisions; collaboration and communication needs to be efficient as possible.

BIMcontact is a cloud solution, developed by StruSoft, for sharing, commenting and keeping track of drawings and project information. A much smarter way of working than traditional email and standard file handling software.

Keeping track of the flow of information in Precast Projects is increasingly important these days. The Precast Industry is under pressure and time is often scarce due to demands of getting projects completed quickly but with precious little time for the initial designs, preparing the detail shop and GA drawings and incorporating changes and revisions.

The exchange of information was not efficient in the past. Suhas Mohol, MD of StruEngineers India, remembers what it was like before switching to BIMcontact:

“…we used to exchange information and drawings with customers by e-mail which caused major problems. The mail could disappear along the way, and when asking customers, it sometimes hadn’t arrived at all. We could never be sure that our customers used the latest updated versions of the drawings.”

Secure Portal For Your Project

A great number of documents and data are produced in a Precast Project. With BIMcontact, everything is gathered in one place, which creates security and you don’t have to search for information, such as which drawing is the latest upgraded.

Better Version Control

BIMcontact keeps track of every version of a drawing or file with automatic synchronisation and version control. When a new file with the same name is uploaded, it automatically becomes a new version. The uncertainty that previously prevailed is now gone.

Also there is full traceability as the newest version of the drawing and the oldest version are always available.

Commenting Directly in the Model

Another advantage is that you can study 3D Models without the need for a CAD system. Using the built in IFC viewer in BIMcontact you can review directly in your web browser.

Integration with IMPACT

It is possible to auto synchronise IMPACT and BIMcontact to allow a real-time Cloud drive of all your IMPACT files. This includes your Company, Project, Standard files and also all your drawing files.

This facilitates easy look up for different Stakeholders in different locations. For example PDF Shop Drawings can be accessed by Factory Personally by clicking on the Element ID in the Resource Manager or the 3D Element View in the Project Manager.

Drawings on Different Platforms

The project tool is designed to adjust to several different platforms, such as tablets and smartphones. The drawings become more accessible in the Cloud because they are not tied to a desktop computer. A fact that creates flexibility and freedom to work with a design in different locations.

For a smoother workflow; better communication and collaboration; with simple, easy to use, information sharing BIMcontact is the ideal solution and we are delighted to provide it you for free as part of our service delivery.

BIMcontact opens up new ways of working and connects Consulting Engineering Firms; in house Precast Design Teams and external Detailers in close collaboration where knowledge and experience flow freely and unhindered. Just like at StruEngineers, where uncertainty has been changed to a smarter collaboration among colleagues in order to be able to work more effectively and deliver projects on time.

For further information and to get a free trial please visit the main StruSoft website: StruSoft | BIMcontact.

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