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IMPACT Go (Mobile application)

IMPACT Feb 12, 2021

IMPACT Go helps you connect to real-time data from any location. It enables you to connect to BIM model data through an easy to use mobile phone application.

The module when combined with the Element Control helps you track, check and change the status of your precast elements, in real-time and from any location. QR codes are scanned using the mobile to update the BIM database with real-time relevancy and accuracy.

Watch the IMPACT Go -  Demo video

IMPACT Go is available for IOS; as well as Android phones.

‎Impact Go 16
IMPACT Go is a supplemental application to the IMPACT suite of Structural construction software. IMPACT is a family of BIM software that provides the necessary tools for the precast concrete industry to efficiently manage, design, produce, transport and erect prefabricated concrete elements. IMPACT …
IMPACT Go 16 - Apps on Google Play
Offering the same features as IMPACT Mobile plus more. Using QR-codes you are able to set elements to produced and change a stack’s or transport’s status. You can view a wide range of information about an element, create a disorder or add an element control to it. Is your element beyond saving? Rej…

If you are curious about more of the IMPACT Go Features and benefits, simply click this link

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