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Draw wall outline with IMPACT

Feb 5, 2021

We now introduce a new way of drawing multiple walls on a floor plan drawing. The walls are created by specifying a closed boundary area (similar to when drawing slabs), breakpoints and gap between the walls and a “straight” endcap that will serve as a template for creating the necessary endcaps to fit the different “joints” needed for the specified boundary area. The command detects clashes with previously drawn walls and shows these parts in red thus skipping any new walls in these part unless the user overrides or remove those areas

The above, among other things, is one of the things you would encounter by watching our previously held webinar

You can read more about IMPACT for AutoCAD & BricsCAD by visiting our IMPACT Wiki, which is the main source of knowledge about StruSoft IMPACT software. You can find all kinds of information that are relevant for IMPACT users.

Nikolaj Stephansen

Head of Sales - Precast at StruSoft AB

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